Angler Fish Stalking Prey


Angler Fish/ Melanocetus Johnsoni

Basic Information:

Angler Fish Are scientifically called Melanocetus Johnsoni, The Genus name for it would be Lophius. The Species name is called Litulan. They have big heads and also enormous crescent-shaped mouths filled with sharp teeth. Some angler fish can be pretty large, some reach about 3.3 feet (1 meter) in length. Although there are various Angler Fish, not all are the same size most however are significantly smaller, often less than a foot. Females have a piece of dorsal spine above their mouths like a fishing pole. They are able to swallow there prey twice there size.




These Angler Fish can be found worldwide, but they are found deep down 3,000 feet in the shallow oceans of Antartica or Atlantic Ocean. The Angler Fish are known for being the ugliest looking creatures found till date. Where they live is very lonely and it is also dark. These species are adapted to the dark where no sun hits them and the water is about freezing temperature. Angler Fish might not find much food because of how deep it is and they dont eat everyday.


The mating for a anglerfish would be that the female angler fish absorbs the male for energy then the male dies. It is hard to find a mate for the anglerfish so they dont often mate it takes time for them to find a partner. When the male finds a female anglerfish, the small male puts himself to her body by biting her belly. His teeth and the jaw recedes, the skin fuses and the blood systems of both animals merge.


Angler Fish adapt to their environment in many weird and unnormal ways. In the deepest oceans where there is no type of light and food can be scarce, the anglerfish is an extraordinary example of how living organisms can find a way to survive in even the most dangerous environment. There are over 200 species of anglers, which are named after their method of finding there food. A spine of the dorsal fin acts as a 'fishing rod', easily to catch 'bait which is often luminous. Other fishes are attracted to this light and get consumed. Most anglerfishes live near the sea bottom. There are four kinds: batfish, goosefish, frogfish, and deep-sea angler. Another weird adaptation in anglerfish is their sexual dimorphism. The males are smaller in comparison with the females, and live permanent parasites on the female. Most deep sea angler fish have soft bones, kind of jelly-like flesh, and they are dark grey or reddish-black in color. The Angler fish have a unique way to catch there prey, they have their light and it shines so since its dark the fish go towards the light and as soon as there close the Angler fish consumes them.

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