Black Panther

Basic Statistics

Scientific Name: Panthera onca
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus: Panthera
Species: P.onca

Black panthers are considered one of the most powerful and intelligent animals. They are also known as
"The Ghost of The Forest." They are one of the most feared animals in the world.


These are photos of blank panthers in their natural habitat.


Black panthers are carnivores which stands for meat-eaters. Black panthers mostly eat anything that move or as long as if its prey is not bigger then they are. Some of the mammals black panther eat consist of deer, monkey, antelopes, wildgoats, just to name a few. They also eat birds, reptiles, fish and rabbits. Black panthers can also be very sneaky, sometimes they may take livestock from a village. such as dogs, goats and sheep.

Black panthers never prey on humans but if there is absolutely no food at all, they may attack one at anytime.
Overall, black panthers have no trouble on getting their food. They are basically on top of the food chain.

The black panthers habitat usually consist of the rainforest, woodlands, swamps, savannahs, mountains and even deserts. The reason black panthers have the strength to live in many various habitats are because they can eat many types of different animals. Black panthers are usually found in the rainforest due to the moist and wet land.


Black panthers are excellent hunters and are great tree climbers. They have well-built musclar bodies, powerful jaws and long sharp canine teeth. These organisms rule any terrority. Also their dark color makes them hard to see at night almost invisible. When searching for prey, panthers reatract their claws and when they are close enough, the claws are extended. Black panthers have excellent vision and a very good sense of smell. They can find their prey without even seeing them. Black panthers are nocturnal predators meaning they have bigger eyes than most animals do. They also have vision which are excellent at night making it easier for them to hunt down prey. Black panthers dark coat helps them camouflage better at night and in dense forests. This gives them more chance of surivial, hunting down prey and less chance of being hunted.

Black panthers do sexually reproduce. In the breeding season, black panthers use their ability, roaring to signal mating partners and also to communicate. The male panther stays with the female panther for only a couple of days. The female raises the cub alone and their gestation period are about 90 to 105 days. This means it takes about 105 days for the embryo to completely reproduce.

Black panthers have a average life span of 12 years in the wild and about 20 when being held enslaved. Female panthers tend to live longer then male panthers. Male panthers are about 28-47 inches and the Female panthers are about 23-32 inches.


More Information about Black Panthers

There are only about 1000 black panthers left and they are certainly in danger still. Their population is shrinking and their habitat is being slowly destroyed. Human beings act as one of the biggest threat to black panthers. For example there are some farmers who build traps to catch black panthers just for their own self use.

Unlike most cats black panthers have the ability to roar while some cats just purr. Black panthers are elusive animals meaning they are hard to see in the wild. Adult black panthers have less temper then they seem to appear.



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