Period 1

Ecology Class of 2010

Smile At A Stranger
By Jeff Weiner

The world is only cold if you let it be
Sharing the warmth of our heart
Reaching out to give a hug
Will make a day bright,

A smile goes deeper than we can see
While a frown cuts the surface,
One kind gesture
Improves life,

Evil words can tear a mind down
Where a caress can rebuild,
One slap can destroy a moment
That a hug can replace,
Period 2

Before raising a hand or lashing a tongue
Think of the harm it may cause,
Calmer words will find an answer
And make you grateful for the pause,

Each day is beautiful from the start
If we choose to see it bloom,
Smiling at a stranger
Brings love to an empty room

I feel as if this poem is perfect for our class. We did have our moments, but we all smiled in the end.
We all came from different background but in the end we all realized that were all one. We’re all known as Ms. Maslowski second period ecology class. I personally can say I had a great time in her class. Thanks.
-Prithi Nand

Hey Guys, Ms. Maslowski here! Thanks Prithi for the kind words and great poem. Oh gosh, my mascara is running a little over here. I had a great year with all of you, and wanted to thank you for sticking with me through the first ever MTHS Ecology course. I hope each one of you took away something from the experience, even if it was something silly, but bonus points if something from this class influences your future. Don't forget to stop by and say hi! I'll miss you all. In the mean time, have some photos.
<3 Ms. Maslowski
Leave your legacy here. Post photos and describe any impacting events. What do you want future students to know about you and this class?