Wiki Etiquette

This page will describe how to behave properly when contributing to a wiki, such that the wiki is kept professional, readable and informative.
The following rules will support our wiki:
  • Exercise academic integrity. Do not plagiarize others' work, claim others' work as your own and do remember to cite your sources.
  • Use professional language. Use complete sentences with correct spelling and grammar. Avoid netspeak, slang, foul language and texting abbreviations.
  • Do not share your password. The wiki administrator has access to all changes made to pages and the screename of who made the changes. You may be penalized for changes made by others who used your screename.
  • Do not edit others' pages without permission. This is a collaborative process, so at times users may add content to other user's pages, but in the spirit of staying organized and not destroying other users' work, it is advisable to include the original creator in any changes being made.
  • Do not post obscene or innapropriate material. This includes images and written words. Posting innapropriate material may result in administrative consequences.